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Golden Age Remedies

Mineral & Tissue Salt Elixir

Mineral & Tissue Salt Elixir

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A synergistic combination of nutrient rich herbs, sea vegetables and bee products infused in apple cider vinegar and then blended with raw, organic honey and blackstrap molasses.

500ml in an amber glass bottle.

According to the Biochemic system of medicine, developed in 1872 by Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, the human body and its correct physiological functioning depend on the supply of 12 primary tissue salts to the cells. These are: calcium fluoride, calcium phosphate, calcium sulphate, potassium chloride, potassium phosphate, potassium sulphate, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, sodium sulphate, iron phosphate, magnesium phosphate, and silica. If they are supplied in balanced organic forms through the diet, illness and physical degeneration are less likely to manifest.

The bone structures of the human body are largely built and vitalised by calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and magnesium phosphate. The brain and nerves require potassium and magnesium phosphate. Connective tissues require silica. Muscular tissues require magnesium, potassium and calcium phosphates and chlorides. Elastic tissues require calcium fluoride. The blood requires iron phosphate. We may also note that the tissue salt of potassium chloride combines with and dissolves fibrin. When under-supplied, non-functional fibrin may be discarded throughout the body in the form of catarrh, mucus, cysts, discharges, coughs, colds, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and other inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system. In his book, Not Dark Yet: The Metaphysics of the End Times, Marius D'Alexandre noted that tissue salt deficiencies can be triggered or exacerbated in accordance with the macrocosmic cycle of the Earth's orbital passage around the Sun. In this context, he suggested a correlation between the Sun's zodiacal position from 22 November each year and the monthly depletion of potassium chloride reserves as the Earth (from a heliocentric perspective) transits the sign of Gemini. Individuals with a metabolic tendency towards rapid utilisation of this tissue salt or a deficiency by virtue of inadequate diet would therefore be more likely to succumb to colds and flu during the winter months.

Our Mineral and Tissue Salt Elixir is designed to supply the full range of bioavailable tissue salts (plus a wide array of trace minerals, vitamins and antioxidants) from natural herbal and bee product sources, thereby strengthening physical resilience, cellular integrity and general immunity. We have emphasised the key tissue salt of potassium chloride, which is found in elderflower, red raspberry, sarsaparilla root, nettle, Irish moss, couch grass, and apple cider vinegar.

As with all of our elixirs and tonics, we amplify the wave emissions of these herbs as they steep for several weeks in apple cider vinegar. We then blend the vinegar with raw, organic oak honey and organic, unsulphured blackstrap molasses to produce a classical oxymel.

This is a natural food supplement and its intended purpose is not to diagnose, prevent, treat, nor cure any form of disease. Food supplements should not be taken as an alternative to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  If you are experiencing any symptoms it is important to consult a qualified health professional. This product is not suitable for children under 12 months. Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before taking herbal products. Usage: Invert and shake well before use. Take 15ml neat or diluted in water, 1-3 times per day or more frequently as needed. 15ml is equal to one tablespoon or around two dessert spoons. To maximise organic tissue salt reserves and therefore resistance to illness and infection, we recommend the regular consumption of our Winter Tea blend in addition to the use of our tonics and elixirs. Store in a cool, dark place.


  • Organic elderflower, organic elderberry, organic peppermint, organic red raspberry, organic sarsaparilla root, organic nettle leaf and root, organic dandelion leaf and root, organic Irish moss, organic dulse, organic rosehips, organic couch grass, organic burdock root, organic calendula, organic motherwort and organic bee bread infused in raw organic apple cider vinegar.
  • Organic raw oak honey.
  • Organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses.

We used raw organic oak honey to make the Mineral and Tissue Salt Elixir. Raw organic oak honey is a very deep and rich tasting tree honey; it has a fruitiness as well as a deep woody flavour. This variety of oak honey comes from trees growing at the Rincon del Sierra UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, where no chemical treatments are allowed. The trees grow at around 1100 metres in an extremely wild and untouched place. The honey is produced by the bees of Antonio Simon, a 4th generation beekeeper who takes pride in producing honey in a traditional way without adding or taking away anything.

Our organic, raw apple cider vinegar (with the mother) comes from a 300 year old orchard in the UK with 48 apple varieties. Unfortunately, due to EU import restrictions we are unable to ship this product to any EU country at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kerensa fern
Good tonic

So far so good it’s quite heavy with cider vinegar but I feel it’s beneficial as I’m healing from an operation very happy with product

Thank you Kerensa for the review - I'm glad to hear that you like the elixir. If the vinegar is too strong, you can always dilute it with more water, we recommend it to be diluted in at least 1/2 glass of water anyway. Enjoy!

Mineral & tissue salt elixir

Excellent tonic, very refreshing, cleaning and tasty! Thank you!

Amy Garnett
Love this!

I'm so glad I came across this wonderful company, their elixirs and tonics are second to none. I have this one and the antidote and have just ordered the heart tonic. I love the company's ethos and the additional information on spirituality and energy protection that they provide. Well done, I will be a long term customer that's for sure!

Michael Mehr
Takes the place of Hyland cell salts

I am intending on using this product to replace my long time use of Hyland cell salts' Kali mur. 30x, which has been discontinued (they still offer 6x). Since the product just arrived today, I can't tell for sure, but I will see if my typical winter cold symptoms (which the Hyland kept at bay) will continue to stay away. Will update this if I remember next February after my season is over.
Thanks for the product!
Mike M, Mountain View, California, USA

Happy Customer
My favourite elixir so far!

I have tried and loved all the herbal remedies and elixirs from Golden Age but this one is my favourite so far! It tastes delicious and immediately after having a table spoon I feel invigorated and refreshed, love it!