Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not mad sad;
and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked way by promising him life:
Therefore ye shall see no more vanity, nor divine divinations:
for I will deliver my people out of your hand: and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

Ezekiel 13: 22-23

         Those who persist in clinging to the absurd mainstream Covid narrative are locked in a type of death spiral. Biologically primed with contaminated seasonal flu vaccines in 2019 and later with contaminated intra-nasal Covid test swabs, bombarded with microwaves, millimetre waves and scalar waves from their mobile phones, wi-fi hubs, smart meters, digital televisions, fitbits, local phone towers, LED street lights, and the mind-controlling Lilly wave harmonics transmitted through their mains electricity, they began to experience phases of sickness, paranoia and immune system disregulation. Their governments blamed an airborne viral pathogen and then insisted that the only solution was to accept repeated doses of a vaccine containing self-assembling nano-technologies, graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide, parasites, and a synthetic modified messenger RNA code which instructs the cellular machinery to produce a toxic spike protein. As the cells express this spike protein, the body is triggered into attacking its own organs. In parallel, the immune system is suppressed and the cellular mechanism by which double strand DNA breaks are repaired is impeded, thereby initiating the onset or aggressive recurrence of cancer. As molecular razor blades of graphene hydroxide degrade their epithelial tissues and particulates of frequency-amplifying graphene oxide render them ever more susceptible to EMF attack, the masses present further waves of sickness which are then ascribed to novel mutations of the virus. In response, the health authorities demand additional and more frequent vaccines designed to sicken, sterilise and kill whilst extinguishing the sparks of organic human consciousness. So the process will continue until the objectives of depopulation, soul displacement and the creation of the hydrogel-mediated AI-transhuman are complete.

         If the world’s populations refuse to disembark from this ride, you do not need to accompany them. Your fate will not be determined by the choices of those around you. Humanity is being split into two distinct timelines of consciousness. The moment of final separation will be held off as long as possible, so as to give the entire collective an opportunity to rise up and overthrow the tyrants who seek to destroy them. This is the potential which many in the truth community are pushing to materialise. Their heroic efforts are to be commended, but we must recognise that the window of opportunity is closing. Each time the public submit to new iterations of the vaccine, the likelihood of cognition and resistance diminishes. But so too is the window of opportunity closing for the forces of darkness which seek to prevent the spiritual ascension of those humans who can see through the lies. This is why the demonically possessed or manipulated politicians, doctors, medical scientists, health authorities, and their compliant propaganda arms in the mainstream media continue to accelerate the coercive vaccination programmes. This is why they target pregnant women and young children. This is why they ignore the blizzard of deaths and side effects reported within the vaccine adverse event reporting schedules. They are desperate because they know their time is short.

         I have discussed elsewhere the higher order metaphysical processes by which these extraordinary events may be understood. It is not my purpose here to revisit this analysis. Those who wish to explore the subject are referred to my article from August, 2021, entitled Bible Prophecy, Covid-19 and the Spiritual Metaphysics of the End Times and my book, Not Dark Yet: The Metaphysics of the End Times, which was completed just before the Covid “pandemic” was launched. In this article, I will elaborate on some of the practical measures which may be employed to bolster physical resilience and spiritual protection as the attacks on humanity escalate. These may be considered under the headings of EMF mitigation, nutritional support and spiritual warfare.

         It has long been known to military scientists that specific frequency transmissions can be used to induce sickness, fatigue, negative emotional states, mental confusion, apathy, and disruptions within the auric field layers and subtle energy circuits of the human body. Even within the domains of civilian scientific literature, it has been established that 60 GHz waves (the absorption spectrum of oxygen) will alter the electron spin within the oxygen molecule such that it can no longer bind to haemoglobin. Thus, the oxygen transport mechanism within the blood will be disabled. Transmissions of 6 GHz waves will disrupt iodine metabolism. Transmissions of 2.45 GHz waves will produce symptoms of autoimmune disease. Transmissions of 900 MHz waves will accelerate the growth of the Klebsiella pneumonia bacterium, whilst increasing its resistance to antibiotics. It may be noted that the control units on the top of LED street lights emit waves at 868 MHz, remarkably close to those which produce pneumonia. We may also note the curious urgency with which these lights were installed during the “pandemic”. Transmissions of 945 MHz waves (the frequency band used by cell phone base stations) will lower reserves of glutathione, the master antioxidant needed to remove accumulations of graphene oxide. Transmissions of 51.755 GHz waves will accelerate the growth and proliferation of the Escherichia coli bacterium. These and other frequencies are being used against human populations in order to create sickness and mental derangement. The Spanish research group, La Quinta Columna, have noted the occurrence of cell tower fires preceding each wave of Covid-19. They point out that the flames were observed at the top of the towers, and thus they conclude that the cause was electrical overloads when transmitting at very high power levels, rather than the activities of arsonists who would be expected to pour flammable liquids around the base. Of course, it does seem plausible that certain vigilante teams, recognising that their governments, safety regulators, local councils, and telecom companies have no intention of removing these threats to their bodily health, have taken it upon themselves to resolve the problem by direct action. In certain Swiss cantons, for example, it is reported that when local authorities rejected the petitions of local citizens to remove the cell towers, they were mysteriously blown up. . .

          Various products may be used to defend against the onslaught of hazardous EMFs. Within the home, I recommend the Somavedic units, the electricity block produced by (in order to scramble Lilly waves transmitted through the mains) and large shungite spheres, eggs or pyramids. A shungite sphere or egg placed near the bed will reduce the impact of EMFs during sleep, and thereby optimise immune function and cellular repair processes. The range and intensity of the protective shungite field can be increased by use of the amplifier base stand produced by Shungite can also be placed on wi-fi hubs and smart meters. Ideally, we should use wired ethernet connections for computers rather than wi-fi, and smart meters should be shielded with EMF blocking mesh. Those with very high sensitivity or who feel that they are being targeted, may wish to explore the use of shielding materials for the windows, walls and under the bed. When outside the home, it is advisable to wear a combination of the following, based on personal need: shungite and/or black tourmaline pendants and bracelets, a Biogeometry biosignatures medallion (those with electrosensitivity may wish to add an L66 and/or L90 pendant), the Carol Croft harmonic protector, or the crystal resonator pendants by Many of the inflammatory and immune-suppressive effects of EMFs can be correlated with the disruption of the cells’ voltage gated calcium channels (“VGCCs”). As calcium ions enter the cell nucleus in excessive ratios, they alter the gradient potentials across the cell membrane and thus normal metabolic functions. Excessive calcium influx also renders the cell more vulnerable to entry by viruses and other pathogens. For this reason, the compensating magnetic oscillators produced by, which normalise the VGCCs, may be of value both in the home and whilst travelling.

          Turning to the subject of nutrition, susceptibility to EMFs will be reduced if heavy metals and other toxins can be removed from the body with efficiency. Useful supplements for this purpose would include: chlorella, barley grass juice powder, Seagreens seaweed blends, spirulina, Biosuperfood, Terramin clay, Living Silica (which removes aluminium), Dr Christopher’s Heavy Mineral Bugleweed formula in conjunction with chaparral capsules and epsom salt baths, and detoxified or nascent iodine. Clay baths are particularly effective as they can draw toxins out through the skin. For those who have been vaccinated, boron should be taken to inhibit the assembly of nano technologies. To resist infection and the deleterious effects of stress, we should increase the intake of antioxidants (particularly ascorbic acid, fulvic acid, zinc, selenium, and glutathione – either directly and/or by way of its precursors), the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) and the B vitamins. In my book, I discussed the relative merits of the raw vegan and primal/paleo diets. Although the raw vegan diet has notable advantages in raising the frequency of consciousness, I suspect that the primal type of diet may be superior in defending the body against the unique biological, electromagnetic and psychological assaults we now face. Cell membranes are primarily composed of saturated fats. Therefore their structural integrity is best promoted by the consumption of animal fats such as beef tallow, raw eggs, cod liver oil, raw butter, raw cheese, fish eggs, and ghee. (For those who may be reticent about these dietary staples, offer high quality freeze-dried supplements derived from animal fats and organ meats.) Similarly, these foods provide the most easily utilised fat soluble vitamins, which are necessary for protecting the mucus membranes against infection and for general immunity. As an adjunct, metabolic pathways will be improved if a wide array of trace minerals are available for incorporation into the metallo-enzymes. Appropriate sources might include: Irish moss, Quinton’s Plasma, Biosuperfood, or the T.J. Clark colloidal minerals.

         It is well known that the B vitamins protect against stress (conversely, it may be noted that the stress induced by EMFs depletes them). Less well known is the fact that the B vitamins also protect against infection. The nutritionist, Adelle Davis, recounted an interesting experiment conducted by the University of Toronto, wherein one group of rats were fed a diet only slightly deficient in B vitamins, whilst another group were fed a diet in which the B vitamins were generously supplied. Both groups of rats were then fed disease causing bacteria. Amongst the rats with a slight B vitamin deficiency, only 20% survived. Amongst the other group, 87% survived. Many brands offer B vitamin complex supplements of varying dosages. Care should be taken to avoid those with additives, excipients, binders, fillers, and flow agents. An inexpensive, yet remarkably effective natural B complex drink can be made by stirring into a mug of hot water one tablespoon of organic wheatgerm, one tablespoon of organic brewer’s yeast and then one tablespoon of organic, unsulphured blackstrap molasses. For further immune boosting, one can add to this drink one teaspoon of L-glutamine powder, one teaspoon of organic MCT powder (these coconut triglycerides having antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties) and a 15ml shot of one of the tissue salt or herbal antidote oxymels produced by

Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Luke 10:19

          As the pages of Revelation come to life before our very eyes, the awakened are beginning to sense that they are fighting not merely a totalitarian coup by the global elite, but rather a form of preternatural evil intent on the destruction of the human race and Earth’s biosphere. This might explain why the protest marches, law suits and various appeals to civilian jurisprudence have so far proven ineffective. More provocatively, this might explain why these courses of action are not discouraged. By contrast, we may note the extreme rapidity with which certain recent disclosures by exorcist priests were removed from the social media platforms. Working in different countries and without collusion, these priests stated that the malevolent spiritual entities with which they battled had confessed to an involvement in the global vaccination programme. The entities stated that satanic rituals had been performed, such that demonic forces would be permitted to target those who partook of the live aborted foetal tissues from which the vaccines were derived. And with each successive vaccination, this attack on the recipient’s soul would increase. It was suggested that at least seven (according to some sources, nine) doses were intended in order to achieve full demonic possession.

         The ancient Chinese general, Sun Tzu, proclaimed in The Art of War: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” And, if we study the testimonies of the exorcists, the demonologists and the high level practitioners of witchcraft, satanism and voodoo who secured release from their infernal pacts, we learn of the spiritual weaponry which proves effective against the enemy we must now defeat. In our secular and materialistic age, it is little understood that the nightmarish depictions within the horror films are based on reality. Demonically possessed individuals will indeed levitate, walk up walls, vomit peculiar objects and fluids, exhibit supernatural strength, speak unknown languages in non-human voices, and undergo physical transformations. Human blood can pour from the taps in infested houses, furniture can levitate, objects or swarms of foul insects can materialise. The voodoo adepts and witchdoctors of Africa and Haiti can indeed project lethal curses or reanimate corpses for nefarious purposes. Yet there is a striking consensus amongst those whose vocation is to wrestle against “principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” They state with finality that the name of Jesus Christ and the power of his blood can be used to bind, overcome and expel the serried ranks of the satanic legions.

Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Matthew: 16:18

         The former African witchdoctor, Emmanuel Eni, provides an important insight into what occurs within the spiritual realm when a believer calls upon the name of Christ: “When a Christian stands on the authority given him by Christ and gives a command in Jesus’ name, fire pours out of his mouth and any demon controlling the circumstances must obey.” He recounts by way of example an incident (before his salvation) when he encountered a young preacher who began distributing Gospel tracts to fellow passengers in a taxi: “So I became disturbed and knocked him with the ring on my finger. That was to kill him. This boy shouted ‘The blood of Jesus!’. Immediately lightning and fire and an angel appeared. A strong wind removed me with great force out of the taxi and into the thick jungle.” Elsewhere in his testimony, he adds a note of caution: “Some Christians bind and cast out demons without sending them to specific destinations. This is dangerous. When you bind a demon it is bound. If you cast it out without sending it to a specific destination, it remains within the vicinity. If the demon is only rebuked out of a man, he may later come back or enter into anyone who is not a Christian. Therefore Christians should be careful when dealing with demons. Make sure the demon is bound, cast out and sent to a specific destination (and forbidden to enter again).” Many deliverance ministers choose to send expelled demons to the foot of the Cross of Christ, there to await final judgement. Eni also observed that sincere followers of Christ were accompanied by angelic beings with flaming swords, who protected them from harm. This assertion is corroborated by the voodoo adept, Curtis “Earthquake” Kelley. In his memoir, Bound to Lose, Destined to Win, Kelley recounts an episode in which he summoned demonic entities to kill two men, who happened to be Christians. The entities later returned, stating that they were unable to fulfil their commission. When they failed a second time to execute his commands, Kelley by astral projection visited his intended victims to find out why. He too saw on either side of each man huge angelic beings armed with flaming swords.

         Appeals by the faithful to the name of Jesus Christ and the power of his blood have been widely reported to be effective, not just in the circumstances of exorcism, but also to thwart rapists, muggers, robbers, and even abduction attempts by reptilian and grey extraterrestrials. The deliverance minister, Pat Holliday, reports that a drunken and possessed man once pointed a loaded shotgun at her stomach with intention to kill her. She commanded the possessing entity to be bound in the name of Jesus Christ, whereupon her assailant was immobilised. These and many other testimonies would suggest that the thousands of individuals who march in protest against Covid laws might achieve greater success if they were instead to form prayer groups to bind and expel the demonic forces behind the 5G phone networks, the tyrannical politicians, the corrupt health authorities, and the legislative bodies which authorise the mandating of lethal vaccines. In the meantime, as discussed in my previous article, those who resonate with the notion of spiritual counter-measures might find it advantageous to protect the home with blessed Medals of Benedict and wear or carry one when mingling with the public. With faith and righteousness, there is no need to fear. The brutal nature of humanity’s final conflict was foreseen thousands of years ago. But so too was its outcome.

And I will transform the earth and make it a blessing, and I will cause My elect ones to dwell on it.
But the sinners and evil-doers shall not set foot on it.
For I have seen and satisfied My righteous ones with peace and have caused them to dwell before Me,
but for the sinners there is judgement impending with Me, so that I shall destroy them from the face of the earth.

1 Enoch 45: 5-6

© January, 2022 Marius D’Alexandre

Since this article was written, reports have begun to emerge that, as predicted, cases of demonic possession have surged as the gene-modifying vaccines are deployed across the world.

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