Collection: Explore our Vibrational Gem Elixirs

From an energy medicine perspective, the human body is a holographic construct. The physical body, as understood by western physicians, is created by the projection of consciousness through the higher dimensional lenses of the subtle anatomy. In popular literature, these templates or morphogenetic fields are referred to as the etheric, mental, emotional, astral, and causal bodies. Each of these morphogenetic fields has a controlling influence over those stationed beneath it in terms of dimensional frequency. Thus, blockage, misalignment or distortion in the etheric body will, if not cleared, eventually down-step into manifestation as pain, damage or disease within the physical body. Similarly, negative spiritual attachments within the astral field can afflict the emotional, mental, etheric, and physical aspects of the unfortunate victim.

It follows that one of the most powerful ways to restore health to the  physical body is to correct the alignments and energetic flows within and between its higher dimensional templates. For this purpose, we may employ the precise organic vibrations of crystals in the form of gem elixirs. These are produced by soaking the crystals in water as they are exposed to solar rays. The water thereby becomes imprinted with a potent vibrational charge, which is then fixed and stabilised with the subsequent addition of a small amount of organic brandy. For safety, we use the “indirect” method of preparation, whereby each crystal is placed within a sealed quartz tube which, in turn, is placed within the water. This avoids any contamination of the water with heavy metals or mining residues.

Much of the literature on crystals and gem elixirs is either repeated as a matter of faith or tradition from earlier sources or is the product of personal meditation or intuition. Most commonly, the elixirs are discussed in the context of their potential impact on emotional or psychological states. Our approach is quite different. We have measured the vibrational characteristics of each elixir with a range of instruments and then correlated these with the frequency control plans (in a sense, the subtle energy circuit diagrams) of the human organism. We have then blended together and amplified sequences of elixirs which, in conjunction, serve to harmonise the circuits, flows and channels of particular organs and systems whilst releasing the specific energy blockages within the signal chain which give rise to pathology. In this way, we have designed them to produce physical healing and vitality. A parallel effect will be observed in terms of emotional or psychological balance and spiritual clarity.

It may be noted that these gem elixir blends will both complement and maximise the benefits of our herbal teas and oxymel tonics. This is because herbs straddle both the physical and subtle energetic domains. Their organic vitamins, minerals and tissue salts support biological function and regulation, whilst their wave emissions strengthen the energetic coherence of resonant organs and physiological processes. Thus, they serve to ground into the physical body the corrective patterns established by gem elixirs within the higher dimensional morphogenetic fields.

For those who are so inclined, we may add that the signal path of disease may be further addressed on the spiritual plane by the use of prayer. And, in this context, we recommend that platonic crystal water be prepared for use with the elixir drops (the addition of salt is not required for this purpose). This water can be further amplified for healing with the Bible verse stickers which we supply free of charge.

The standard dose is 7 drops of elixir in a little water (just a centimetre or two in a glass) 3 or 4 times per day, preferably away from meals. Doses should be taken 1-2 hours apart. Several different elixir blends can be taken throughout the day. Indeed, certain combinations may be particularly advantageous. For example, the Eye Formula is complemented by the Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney, and Lymph Formula, as the liver and gallbladder meridian channels affect the visual system. Similarly, the Skin Healing and Regeneration Formula will be complemented by the Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney, and Lymph Formula, as toxicity and poor elimination will predispose towards skin afflictions.

Individuals in poor health, who feel they may have a significant burden of toxicity and/or energetic or psychological blockages are advised to use the elixirs more cautiously until they have become accustomed to the effects. In such cases, one might take 3 drops in water, once daily. Then increase to 7 drops in water, once daily. Then 3 drops, twice daily. Then 7 drops, twice daily. Then 3 drops, three times daily. Then 7 drops, 3 times daily.

Given that many ailments arise from or are exacerbated by poor nutrient assimilation, toxicity, poor elimination, EMFs, and geopathic stress, the elixir formulae which address these factors may be regarded as foundational when seeking to restore or preserve good health. The remaining elixirs are designed to correct the subtle energy patterns and flows which govern particular aspects of the anatomy and physiology.