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Triple Blend Healing Clay

Triple Blend Healing Clay

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This Triple Blend Healing Clay has been specially formulated for maximum detoxification effectiveness. We’ve taken three of the most heralded edible clays in North America and combined them into one product.

The triple blend features a richly green USP Grade Sodium Bentonite which has been used in colon cleanses since the 1960’s. It also features a widely studied sedimentary Red Desert Calcium Bentonite /montmorillonite mined in California (red mineral desert clay). This clay has been sold in the past under the brand name of “Terramin“. Finally, the blend features Green Desert Calcium Bentonite / montmorillonite. Below we have included further details on each of the three components of this unique triple blend healing clay.

453g (1lb)

Suggested usage:

This clay blend is ideal for use in all traditional clay therapies, including cosmetics, clay compresses, clay packs / poultices, clay baths and clay wraps. An important note on internal use: due to legal reasons, we are not permitted to advertise this clay as suitable for internal use/food grade. However, we are aware that many people around the world have used this blend of clays internally for a long period of time. If one wishes to do so, one would use a wooden or plastic spoon to place 1 teaspoon of clay into water and drink. Please note that it is the sole responsibility of the customer how he/she wishes to use this clay and we cannot recommend internal usage.


USP Grade Sodium Bentonite , Red Desert Calcium Bentonite, Green Desert Calcium Bentonite

More information:

USP Grade Sodium Bentonite (smectite) with an average particle size between 40 -74 microns in diameter, may be the best single clay product for use as a supplement for those interested in safely and effectively cleansing and detoxifying the digestive tract. This water washed, ultrafine The green USP Grade Sodium Bentonite is widely recognized for its unsurpassed ability to both absorb and adsorb positively charged particles in its hydrated, colloidal state. Because of its swelling characteristics, it actually has three different hydration states. Therefore, it is unsurpassed in its ability to work in the large intestines. This is why this type of volcanic-origin clay is a favorite among pioneers such as V.E. Irons, Dr. Schulze, and Dr. Anderson. This clay is air-purified, and has also been favorite clay among those who feel they are chemically sensitive. Why USP Grade Sodium Bentonite? It's ability to bind acids in the digestive tract is unparalleled. Due to both it absorption capacity, and it's adsorption capacity, the highest quality Sodium Bentonite is the perfect agent to help stabilize digestion; significant animal and human studies have been done documenting the safety and effectiveness of Sodium Bentonite's ability to neutralize agents in the digestive tract that may cause symptoms of digestive distress.

In fact, the very first clay supplement developed in the U.S. ( and it is still widely used today ) is a pre-hydrated Sodium Bentonite developed by V. Earl Irons for use in colon cleansing. As Earl knew, an ultra-pure sodium bentonite is the perfect choice for lower digestive system failure, because not only does a good Sodium Bentonite have excellent sorption properties, but it also has superior absorption properties. That's why it swells so much. This means that it can actually evacuate material more effectively from the digestive tract.

USP Grade Sodium Bentonite is ideal for those who do not like the strong taste of other clays as it has virtually no taste. It is not chemically processed or heat treated, but has simply been water washed.

Red Desert Calcium Bentonite is a red variant of calcium bentonite clay mined from sedimentary deposits of the Colorado River.  This is a favorite supplement for its proven ability to deliver macro, micro, and trace minerals into the body. What makes it unique? Its incredibly small particle sizing and particle distribution. The average particle size of the clay is 0.2 microns in diameter. When hydrated, each of those particles becomes negatively charged, like all clay colloids. It is the small particle sizing of this particular bentonite that contributes to a very high zeta potential (electrical charge) and also provides for a greater bioavailability of minerals, as demonstrated by comparative research done with animals.

This clay is most well known from a study conducted by NASA by Dr. Benjamin H. Ersoff who was tasked with finding a calcium supplement to prevent bone loss in astronauts in the zero gravity environment. He concluded that Red Desert Calcium Bentonite was the most effective supplement to reduce/prevent pathological changes in bone density. Additionally, an animal study was conducted as well, stating that a diet with 1-4% Red Desert Calcium Bentonite significantly affected the nutritional state. It is also known that reversal of bone loss has been noted as one of the main reasons to enjoy Red Desert Calcium Bentonite. This clay has been sold in the past under the brand name of "Terramin".

It is not chemically processed, heat treated, or "cleaned" in any way. It is from one of the rarest clay deposits in the world, and unlike many other clays, it is so clean it could (and often has) be used straight out the ground. Finally, our Amargosian Green Desert Calcium Bentonite clay is widely celebrated for its properties; more modern books and papers have been written about this clay in the last five years than any other clay that we are aware of. It is one of the most treasured therapeutic grade clays in the world.

This world class edible clay is mined in a pristine location just outside of Death Valley National Park, in the Mojave Desert, California. It is a magnesium-rich, volcanic-origin clay which is hand selected and mined directly from the pure vein deep within the Earth. It is then sun dried and then milled to +325 mesh. It is an alkaline, water-loving (swelling) clay with a pH of between 9.5 and 10.0.

It is not chemically processed, heat treated, or "cleaned" in any way. It is from one of the rarest clay deposits in the world, and unlike many other clays, it is so clean it could (and often has) be used straight out the ground. This is a natural product and its intended purpose is not to diagnose, prevent, treat, nor cure any form of disease. If you are experiencing any symptoms it is important to consult a qualified health professional. Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before using this or any other product on this site.

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Customer Reviews

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Zoe Hotson

The clay is neutral in taste and very smooth in texture, very easy to drink.
I can feel the soothing and alkalising affects almost immediately .
Its great to have a company you can trust and I’m passionate and grateful for what Golden age remedies do and stand for.

Rebecca Lusted

Quality clay product thankyou. Not used it yet as only just received it but impressed with the 3 clay descriptions.