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Golden Age Remedies

Healing Bible Verse Stickers

Healing Bible Verse Stickers

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In the final analysis, disease is a consequence of spiritual distortion. This distortion may arise by virtue of the behaviours and thought forms of the patient and/or through the operations of malefic spiritual forces. The signal path of disease therefore flows from the purely spiritual planes down to the subtle anatomy fields and channels, and then down into the physiological and biochemical structures analysed by western medicine. It follows that the most powerful interventions are those which provide correction at the spiritual level. Thus we may understand the miraculous healings described in the Bible and those of a similar nature which have been reported in present times. Japanese researcher Masuro Emoto famously demonstrated that prayers and expressions of love served to perfect and beautify the geometry of frozen water samples. Similarly, homeopaths and other vibrational healers have long noted that water is capable of holding specific vibrational imprints and storing complex information. In this context, we have we have taken from the Bible a selection of verses which offer promises of healing. Produced on a transparent sticker these may be applied to the glass containers in which your Platonic Crystal Water is prepared. This charged and structured water will thereby by infused with the energies of prayer, with the very commands of God directed towards healing and relief.

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